TongdaGroup is a one-stop service provider of consumers’ electronics and precisionmolds, precision surface treatment, precision structural parts, precisionhardware, optoelectronic modules, energy-saving frequency conversion motor,satellite digital and new materials, providing high-precision spare parts andservices for the global consumers’ electronic products, IT and communicativewhole machine product. In 2000, TONGDA Group got listed on the main board ofHong Kong Stock Exchange. Currently, the Group owns dozens of invention andpatents.. Besides, it has been honored as one of the “China Top-100 ElectronicSpare Parts Enterprises” and “National High New Technology Enterprises”.

CMM Electrode Automatic Testing Unit(high-efficiency: 380/day)

Checkingthe full sets of systematic solutions as the dot capture, checking the programautomatic leading in, the automatic checking, 3D checking report, the equipmentcomprehensive monitoring, checking the data automatic analysis andcompensation. CMM Offline programming, by scanning the RFID, automaticallyobtains the checking program. The checking results are uploaded to the databaseautomatically, with an efficiency of over 3 times than the traditional checkingmethod.


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